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Do you have a Swarm ?

Please read this before calling a volunteer

Bee Identification Chart Asian Hornet Trap



Photographs needed for the website

Are you a keen photographer ? If so can you take pictures of your hives, bees, frames, extraction, and anything that might be of interest so that we could run a gallery page on the website. I will only accept pictures taken by members. Due to copywrite laws I cannot use anything that has been copied from the web

Veterinary Medicine Administration Record

Beekeepers are required to keep proof of purchase and a record of purchase, administration and disposal of all veterinary medicines for a minimum of 5 years under the Veterinary Medicines Regulations 2011SI 2159.


Further information can be obtained from Veterinary Medicines Directorate, Woodham Lane, New Haw, Addlestone, Surrey. KT15.3LS.

Telephone: 01932 336911.  www.vmd.defra.gov.uk

Wasp Trap

Wasp Trap

Please find the instructions to build a wasp trap to protect your hives. Send in By Roger Chapman

* Required

If you would like to keep bees, but have nowhere to keep them, or if you have a piece of land that you would like to host a few hives please fill in the form

Using your phone for hive records

Using your phone for hive records