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The Ipswich & east suffolk Beekeepers’ association Newletter

Newsletter July 2020

Photographs needed for the website

Are you a keen photographer ? If so can you take pictures of your hives, bees, frames, extraction, and anything that might be of interest so that we could run a gallery page on the website. I will only accept pictures taken by members. Due to copywrite laws I cannot use anything that has been copied from the web

Dear Stowmarket Members


Many of  you will now be aware of the increasing threat of Asian Hornet to our Beekeeping hobby. In order to tackle this threat the National Bee Unit has established a responsive unit that attends any confirmed sighting of the Asian Hornet with the intent of destroying the nest. In order to carry out this function effectively the NBU inspectors arriving on scene will need a team of  ‘Spotters’ to work with them to locate the nest, which can sometimes take a day or two. We are now inviting you to register if you would like to volunteer to assist the team, should a sighting be made in Suffolk


In the event of a sighting in the Stowmarket area, our Asian Hornet Action Team Coordinator, Alan Seager, would contact those of you that have volunteered to assist and would direct you to the site. You would then be assembled into small teams to scout the area from the ground, searching for the Asian Hornet nest. Once sighted, the NBU inspectors would take over and arrange for destruction of the nest.


If you are able to offer assistance in this vital role it would be greatly appreciated by all Stowmarket members. Please respond to this email and we will add you to the Register of the Stowmarket response team.


Also, when you renew your membership in 2020 look out for the box on the membership renewal form to be ticked if you are prepared to continue on the Stowmarket Asian Hornet  search team


Many thanks




Alan Seager